Thursday, June 30, 2011


Although in the past I have avoided issues of a highly personal nature in this blog until recently, I admit my 'regularly scheduled check-up' turned into a highly charged emotional incident this year, and for some, still as yet unknown reason, I felt it just might be my 'time' to check out, if you will. 

Let me preface the upcoming words with a, hopefully short ( we all know that's not easy for me )  explanation.   I recently was forced to enter into the social-networking world of FACEBOOK.  I had been studiously avoiding it until I was severely chastised by a friend who had not been answering her e-mails.  "Whats wrong with you girl? No-one uses e-mail anymore socially. Get on FACEBOOK."   Well.
Alrighty then, I supposed I should truck on into this century, and I got my online account faster than you can say FREE.  I'll be darned if I'll be accused of being a dinosaur, despite my advancing-faster-than-I wish years.   Well folks, I'm ready to admit that FACEBOOK is a stinkin' revolution for those looking for old friends ( HI ALAN    ;} ), or just simply someone new to converse with over common interests.  It's also a place for those who find their lives unfulfilled, and look for the last puzzle piece, or in my case someone trying to solve a problem they think they have unearthed.   I'm assuming my loyal readers will know where this is going hence,as Paul Harvey would say, "The rest of the story."

I should have assumed that just maybe a few of my loyal followers would have put two and two together by now, and should they have an inclination to search, would locate me on FACEBOOK.   When I initially began this blog, it's sole purpose was to record memories that do not fit elsewhere for my adult children and grandson, for you see being a child of older parents had many advantages, but the greatest disadvantage was by the time my children were old enough to appreciate my individual family members and their inherent humor, they were all, well, dead.   My children need to know where their bizarre sense of humor comes from.  If they ever end up taking a psychological survey they will probably need to explain...  In detail...  And as my English Prof. used to say, I'm going waaaay off topic here. 

Needless to say, I have found FACEBOOK a quick way to contact people I need to speak to rather quickly, and an amusing past-time while I wait for the insurance company to repair my car that is still OUT OF SERVICE since the February 10th accident. Have I mentioned the 83 year old that crashed into me  lives one street over.....?????   Anyhoo......     When I began getting messages through FACEBOOK from blog followers all over the world - can you imagine - ( Brazil, I adore you ) I was forced to make a command decision.  It was difficult, but my choice was to keep my 'FRIENDS' list confined to those I actually know, as well as sites associated with my prior employment  (quick "Hey,Hi."  to all the PD and FD HEROS ).  I am still able to recieve and send messages to those not on my actual 'FRIENDS' list, and in this way am able to communicate with those asking questions  ( YES, L.H. you will make it through chemo and survive this thing you must unfortunately suffer through ), or those simply needing a leg up ( Russia stay with me... ) or, as most recently occurred, those making a comment, which is why I am here today. 

Dearest D.L,

I was nearly in a shock and awe state over your most recent message through FACEBOOK. 

Yes I am human!  Rarely do I find a need to use exclamation points, but your most recent message deserves one.

 If you were here I would buy you a drink ( Tangerine Margurita maybe ? ).

 Your discovery that I am indeed 'human' struck me to the core.  I had not realized that on certain levels my writing might appear sterilized.  I assure you, every entry here has come from my very soul, and in some cases directly from my heart.  I never realized that in recounting certain incidents I may have appeared to be somewhat 'removed.' 

Certainly, you are correct in assuming I have been scarred in more ways than one can imagine from my life experiences. Though I don't think scarred in this case is appropo. I have learned from the good times, as well as the bad, and yes, I am ready to move into a different phase of my life, and no, my humor has not taken the long road.  

Yes; you are correct in assuming I am no longer married to the "hideous mistake,"  no; I am not remarried, no; the photograph above is not twenty years old, and finally, no; I have no concerns regarding my physical appearance!  Yikes, there is that pesky exclamation point again.

  I think I can safely state that once those life-altering words or phrases (  It's all cancer. ) have been uttered to anyone; stock of one's life is taken in a strange way.  In my case I saw my children's lives flash before my eyes.  Lives that were ill-fated to grow without being surrounded by the hilarious shinanagins of my family, without the group laugh - as opposed to a singular one.  Which in turn begs the question, "Where is one able to find, outside the confines of blog-land, a person who shares the same offbeat humor?  Add to that the same ideas of love and adoration and you have a fatal combination, not likely to be easily matched..

I'll hear nothing of "Don't knock it until you've tried it."   Let me tell you, it's a jungle out there, and I have no desire to be trapsing through the underbrush looking for an elusive pot of gold.  In comparing notes with a friend, we have come to the conclusion (the female version), men 'out there' are either looking for a trophy to lock away in a Crystal Cage, or they have a list of requirements not easily found on this fine earth, especially when they are, well, er, shall I delicately whisper, of a certain age.

It has become glaringly obvious to my friend using computer dating sites, that men want and search for the woman fitting their ideas on ideal body style, and most importantly, facial features.  Unfortunately it has also become obvious that those men looking for their trophy look at themselves in a time warp mirror, while placing twenty year old pictures of themselves in their prime on their sites.  So no, I have no interest in using dating sites, but Thank You Kind Sir for your suggestion.

And Thank You as well, for being such an avid, invisible follower. I have only recently learned of how the computer sites function and did not realize a good percentage of those that appear on my STATS page are actually unable to 'follow' a blog officially.  Most of it is still a mystery to me.  Its like a car.  Turn the key and drive it.  If it fails to roll on down the road, send it out for repairs...

I will reluctantly leave it at that, for I have a herd of cats to feed, but in closing let me add, I will certainly make attempts to let the reader know 'how I really feel' when apropriate ( though I was truly not aware I may have been failing in that regard).



Thank You to all who continue to search my blog for new entries, as well as reading old ones while marking time.  Things have been a bit hectic, and without a vehicle under one's butt, life has a tendency to become a bit difficult.   I have a few entries in the cue I need to polish off, and in the the meantime everyone have a SAFE holiday weekend.  Enjoy.

P.S.  Thank You to all who continue to amuse me with thier blogs (MurrMurr, Jerry, Robert, DJan, Alan, the list goes on and on).   You are keeping me amused through this difficult time)      :}