Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Still too windy to fly.  The scarf sends me into hysterics everytime  see it....



Emergency Services were well prepared.
Got scalped for the last one of THREE packages left of 'D' batteries we found here, after checking four other places.  Grocery store shelves were barren of everything from water to flashlights. Luckily we shopped early.

The Daughter and Grandson came to stay. Later that evening we saw on the news her town was basically an island and out of power.
Winds hit over 60 MPH gusts causing the Weeping Willow to weep some huge widow-makers onto the Daughters car.  After a moments thought she remarked, "Sort of reminds me of the tree in the Wizard of Oz, waiting for it to grab me..."
 She moved the car......
Wind gust tipped over a cast iron bench that was up against the house.
The Daughter takes photos of the tree that creamed her car.
After the power was out for an extended period of time the Great Gatsby decided to catch up on the news on the Son's phone via the WFSB APP....
Sadly, as with all low pressure events, a lost soul showed up at 2:40 AM trying to dig up a mole for breakfast in the yard.  Fed him and put up notices via animal control. Luckily he/she is dry and it is now 65 degrees.
All in all we faired well, though the sad stories are still being reported on the news.


Saturday, October 27, 2012


Now if only he finds a great job.....
And yes, it was the middle of October.
Snow expected for the last part of STORM SANDY.

Friday, October 19, 2012


On this bizarre spider's rear?
Getting ready for winter is in full swing, and while dumping ashes from the fireplace I nearly stepped on this thing waddling across the front stoop.  After dropping the can of ashes in front of the steps while hopping over it and making Three Stooges noises (nuuuggghhhh), I sent a messenger inside to get the son.   We tormented the thing taking pictures while it labored down the side of the steps...

and into the low ground cover.   The body on the thing was as large as a quarter and about as tall as a dime.     Until we find out what it does we will not be dumping poison down the hole larger than a quarter it squeezed into in the dirt just on the edge of the ground cover.

Although I take being freaked by spiders to a whole new level, the designs on the back of the thing were absolutely intriguing, and seeing as how it did not jump or make any defensive moves we allowed him to live for now.
The MOUSE SPIDERS that are sneaking into the basement are quite the different story.
We have found  only one female and by the size of it, it's lookin' like it probably eats its mate , along with unruly young....
and close to twenty males.  We continue to search for the point of entry as they are venomous.  Bites are capable of killing mice and small cats.....EEEEK.
Considering the fact that Precious is always on the look-out - even while trying to nap - we are on a collision course with disaster until we find it.
Onward with " WINTERIZING"   -  ah  YUK?  -  then settling in for hibernation...