Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When There's This Much Snow...

and the cars have been brushed off three times already since 5AM...

When we still have three more hours before the edge of the storm passes this part of the state, and the city plows have not made it to our street,

All one can hear is the loud, panicked cursing of the gentleman two doors down who is trying to drag his HUGE snowblower, that has run out of gas, out of the street and back into his driveway, rrrk.

The winds have picked up again, the major highways throughout the state are all partially closed, with entire citys CLOSED and warnings TICKETS will be issued for those who dared venture out,  we watched a 45 second burst of lightening that streaked through the sky, lighting up a zillion snowflakes.   Pretty darn incredible.  The last time I saw lightening during a snow storm I was about twelve years old, and in northern New Hampshire.

They can't quite figure out what all this white stuff being tracked in is.

With the worst part still heading for my daughter's territory, we're heaving a sigh and waiting for the sky to stop falling.  On us.

Happy Snow Day?


  1. wow! I guess you get used to the cold, but must suck that everything just stops...
    When I hear these things, I like our palm trees more and more. Hand in there and stay warm!

  2. We had all the schools in the county here in western WA canceled this morning because of snow, but then it got warm and by noon all the snow is gone. I'm hoping this will come your way soon. But until then, stay home, warm and snug in your house.

  3. They've been referring to you incoming weather as a "snow bomb" by the TV weather people here on the west coast. The one thing that NOBODY mentions is whether this is tied to Global Climate Change. I guess they are too afraid of promoting one party's "agenda" over the other's.

  4. I looked up 'bombgenisis.' Really cool, low presure, cold etc. which explains the thunder and lightening. 29 inches and counting, we are still having flurries, the cars are plowed out, and the cats are just incredulous at what's going on outside. Lots of city and private plows everywhere. OK, I'm ready for the PALM TREES Pat!

  5. Here when it snows it stays... and stays... and stays... and stays... and... :o(

  6. Too bad you're snowed in. My inlaws live in Boston, where it is not very pleasant right now.