Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am truly sorry to be such a bother at this late date, but unfortunately my wedding invitation must have either been lost in the post, or inadvertently misplaced.  I find it hard to believe it would be intentional as my cousins have been manufacturing umbrellas for the Royal Family for generations and have never missed a wedding. 

Might I add I have never seen, er, "P. Diddy' carrying a BRIGGS umbrella...


Keep Smiling Dear Friends.


  1. William and Kate THE wedding to be invited to...can't wait!

  2. Sorta looks like they don't use umbrellas anymore, the hats get bigger... *sigh* Guess I'll be glued to the tube!

  3. P. Diddy got an invite? Things have taken an odd turn since Victoria died, wot?

  4. Um, yuh, intriguing to say the least, BLING! with a man attached. So much for not upstaging the bride... :}

  5. P. Diddy.....I heard someone ask where the name came from. Someone picked up P.Diddy when he was a tot in diapers while another family member asked, "he didn't, pee did he?" P.Diddy actually said this in a shorter version and I bet it is so as he refused to explain it any further saying it was a family thing.