Monday, April 11, 2011


While I attempt to finish my next post.   He has a video of my daughter's dog.  "Candy."

"Candy" hates me.   For some odd reason the minute her eyes see me, apparently what her brain sees is a medium rare T-Bone steak...   It's the long, low growl and those beady eyes that never lose site of me that unnerves me to the point of unbridled fear.   

It was "Thunder" that did the incredible-never-ending-fear-of-dogs thing to me.  He was a police dog that came after me, hey, in my very own place of employment, and did that lunge at the thighs and hold the walking T-Bone hostage until ordered to knock it off thing.  We never did figure out how "Thunder," the pure white German Shepard, ever did end up in that hallway, the very same hallway I was attempting to negotiate, while minding my very own business.                       


Interesting to note as well, it occurred just outside the Shift Commander's office door, where four cops stood stock still, while I said,  "HEY YOU GUYS???   SOMEONE SAVE ME HERE.......?"   To which they whispered in reply,  "Shhhhh, he doesn't know we're in here....."

So take a gander at fluffy, er, "Candy."   She was staring at me when the kid took the video at my Grandson's birthday party....

Find  "Candy"  here

He's also posted some of our herd, in which his gorgeous baby Einstein may be seen. Einstein has the oddest  tiger coloring I have ever seen.


  1. Oh my, how I remember an incident not that long ago when I had a little dog which was a "Spitz". Most of the time Lily was a loving and wonderful dog. One evening while patting her, she turned around and bit me in the face! Well, absolute horror for me...blood, pain, shock, then swelling. Not only did I begin to understand that you must respect a distance with dogs, I realized then that I was definitely a cat person like I always had been. Dogs have always frightened me and I am very careful around them. It is really not fun to be scared even for a moment by "Candy" or any other dog.

  2. I have a healthy respect [fear] of dogs. In my opinion the highest calling they can be to the benefit of man is as a food source.

    While on the subject, why do dog owners seem to believe that city ordinances regarding leash laws and the like apply to everyone else's dog and not theirs?

  3. Robert, your dear self has a point well taken. I just arrived home from a walk, and had to pass by a guy with an unleashed pit bull - of all things - who wanted to say hello to me... guy kept saying, Oh don't worry, he's friendly..." Yuh. My second near dog-related heart failure in three days.... I'm just going to hide out listening to Krauss lectures for a few days :}

    Clara - Thank you sooooo much for your kind words, even the 'others' keep staring at Murrays place by the heat vent looking for him and his heating pad.... sigh.... I took care of him every second for so long I'm having a hard time getting over it.