Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Just now and then The Great Gatsby leaves his bedside reading next to the bed where I trip over it, further delaying my hike over him and to my place in the bed, plastered up against the wall,  when usually I feel a long white boat shoe stretching out, gently applying pressure to my spine, letting me know I so totally already have quite enough room on the bed, Thank You.

His is, after all, a literary cat......


  1. ENTRE NOUS - It's getting a bit nerve-wracking trying to fix whatever is going on in this thing to enable e to comment on MY VERY OWN blog, anyone got a CLUE!!!! SRSLY.

  2. seems like you are the only one I've come across that has this problem.. have u tried contacting blogger? they're pretty good at figuring things out... they've helped me in the past.

  3. Thanx Chrissy, Gonna try! It's nearly impossible to comment on other blogs as well.... and as we all know I usually have a lot to say.... pithy comments aside :}

  4. Cute post!
    I've been having problems commenting on some blogs as well. I had to resign in on google and uncheck the stay on line box to comment.