Sunday, November 27, 2011


But such a pleasant move at that.  The son and I are headed to the shore where we belong.  FINALLY.    It may have taken two years to work our way back down to the sea, but as always the wait for anything worthwhile is a joy.     While we unpack please enjoy one of BOB?'s favorite pastimes.....  his infamous  HIGH-FIVE, and now if you will excuse me, I really need to find the box my clothes are in.....

Hope Ya'll had a great Thanksgiving.

As usual new Technical Difficulties have cropped up during the move  (despite I might add, The Son's insistence is has something to do with operator error...  ahem...), please cut and paste the failed link into your URL line to make life easy, and BOB?  happy.  I'm working with a handicap here, borrowed computer happens be a misbehaving MAC.


  1. I tried cutting and pasting and got a "malformed video" error message. But congratulations anyway for making it back to the shore! :-)

  2. Congrats on the move and enjoy the water.

    I could not get the link to work, but it may be just me...

  3. Sorry bout that working on it MAC MANIA here, but you really gotta see BOB? doing his HIGH FIVES !!!! :}