Thursday, January 26, 2012


F. Spot Fitzgerald

Poor Spot has developed a strange condition that thus far five  (yes, count em, five) "visits" to the vet have not managed to resolve.  Despite massive doses of cortisone, antibiotics, topical lotion and - as a last resort - a 'calming collar'  the poor thing continues to lose his hair, for the most part on his head, where his beautiful ruff is now nonexistent.

Evidently it itches.

We are now back to our original vet. Dr. O'Grady up north was a sweetheart, but couldn't ever beat Dr. Clark's sense of humor....

More possible solutions.

After traipsing to the the vet for the most recent visit I sat with Spot sporting his new purple 'calming collar' and waited for the second real snowstorm of the season.

We ended the evening with this.

Predictions were for 4-6 inches.   We had 8 fall out of the sky while we slept.

The son is lovin' not having to shovel the eighty foot driveway.

Even the tractor was sliding around on the base of ice.

He shoveled a path to the woodpile for me.

Later that day the skies cleared.

I started a project and settled in.

But like they say about New England, if yah don't like the weather wait a minute, it'll change...

The very next day we woke up to this.  The shoveled path to the woodpile had evaporated.

The perfect ending to the week were the sunsets the solar activity created.

Despite being 'within range' of my favorite hiking spot I have yet to take a trip there.  Tomorrow is the big day.   Now if I can only find my hardside boots.  I know they are in a box somewhere....   :}


  1. poor baby! we had to give our cairn steroid shots. vet wasn't too thrilled about it and only allowed one steroid shot per season... plus we gave a low dose antihistamine and it worked for her...

  2. Oh, poor thing! I do hope she's better soon, it sure looks like it itches. And the weather has certainly been weird this winter, hasn't it??

  3. Sorry to hear about Spot--that stinks. Nice shots, but I prefer the lovely sunset images--and favor anything without snow this time of year.

  4. Poor Spot! I feel so bad for him!
    Just that much snow would cause total chaos where I live! Now that I'm retired, I wouldn't mind seeing it...

  5. ooh, poor little thing!! I hope he's feeling better soon, that must be so irritating for him. is it possibly a food allergy? maybe different food might help. Just a thought. I wish we had snow like that! We've been having a wimpy winter here in Toronto.

  6. We are back to just plain ole green grass, phew :} Not fond of the white stuff anymore. Everytime it rans we find ourselves thinking, "Well we don't have to shovel it."

    And I do so LOVE Toronto! We tried changing food which created havoc with the rest of the gang. Incredibly enough the 'Calming Collar' appears to be helping so we think it was nerves from the move. He actailly has a bit of hair grwing back. Phew!