Saturday, April 14, 2012


After having read all the books on the subject years ago, I discovered it is not truly known if in fact the orchestra did play while the ship sank. The official legal proceedings held after the disaster verified the Captain was ordered to move the ship more quickly in order to meet or exceed a deadline.  Even then commerce appeared paramount.

Robert Ballard was actually on a secret mission with the NAVY and used that to search for the wreck of the TITANIC as a personal project which made his name.

The auction of TITANIC relics is soon.

I sometimes wonder if the desire for money is greater than respect for the victims of any tragedy.

It remains to be seen.


  1. Good question. I think greed has always been a strong human motivator. Unfortunately.

  2. The desire for money is always greater than the respect for the victims... Reminds me of how people fight over the belongings of a dead relative... Sad isn't it? or they want in on a lawsuit...just because they're related....

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  4. Sorry but I deleted the previous post due to an error.
    I am saddened by the way this tragedy has been thrust back into our daily lives as every media channel adds it's content. Is it all to push the new 3D remade movie or ??

  5. I heard an interview with Ballard who actually petitioned the court to have the wreck awarded to him as is customary with salvaging maritime wrecks. The only catch was that he would have to remove the wreck from the ocean bottom. oops. He has worked to have it declared a memorial site... though I don't know what that means for the artifacts that have been salvaged. Auction, I guess.