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The Fort
Built from 1839 - 1852, the fortification is one of a group of 42 forts which were constructed for the defense of the coast of the United States, and for defense of the harbors they guarded. This group of forts became known as the Third System of Fortifications. Fort Trumbull is unique in the "Third System" because of the Egyptian Revival features incorporated in the architectural design. The Fort is a wonderful example of its era, a masterpiece in stonework and masonry. The Fort contains informative markers and displays, a touchable cannon and artillery crew display, and gun emplacements. The fort interior features 19th Century restored living quarters, a mock laboratory, and a 1950's era office furnished to resemble a research and development lab at the facility. The public also has access to the ramparts for a spectacular view of the New London Harbor.
Coast Guard Station New London is located adjacent to historic Fort Trumbull. The first fort was built on this location in 1775. In 1798, the State of Connecticut ceded the property to the federal government. Although the buildings and occupants have changed, the site has been in military hands ever since
During prohibition and World War II, Coast Guard Operating Base Fort Trumbull was an integral part of Coast Guard operations in southern New England. In 1948, the Coast Guard transferred 13.62 acres of Fort Trumbull with associated facilities to the Department of the Navy, retaining the use of buildings 45 and 12, as well as pier 2 and became a tenant of the Navy. In April 1997, upon the closure of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center New London, the current station buildings and pier 2 were returned to the Coast Guard.
Dad's Favorite Boat. She's Beautiful.


The Eagle bears a name that goes back to the early history of the United States' oldest continuous seagoing service. The first Eagle was commissioned in 1792, just two years after the formation of the Revenue Marine, the forerunner of today's Coast Guard. Today's Eagle, the seventh in a long line of proud cutters to bear the name, was built in 1936 by the Blohm & Voss Shipyard, Hamburg, Germany, as a training vessel for German Naval Cadets. It was commissioned Horst Wessel and following World War II was taken as a war prize by the United States. On May 15, 1946, the barque was commissioned into U.S. Coast Guard service as the Eagle and sailed from Bremerhaven, Germany to New London, Connecticut

The views are spectacular, and even if one isn't lucky enough to see a submarine heading out to sea there are always the ferry's and sailboats to watch peacefully gliding along the Thames.
Inside a cream-colored building on the water's edge near Fort Trumbull, Naval Submarine Base personnel monitor the magnetic fields of submarines and other military vessels.
They worked in relative obscurity in Magnetic Building 109 . Recently a 510-foot guidedmissile destroyer came up the river and turned around near Electric Boat before heading back out toward the open ocean.
If one isn't trying to sneak pictures through the stone windows of the closed fort...

Above and below ground bunkers abound.
And Just pour vous WARREN ZOELL....    :}
The wheels are on iron rollers allowing the cannon to be rotated 180 degrees, depending on the location of the enemies approach.
Yup, have no idea what this part of the thing was for..... Um, Hullo, Warren...   :}
If one gets a tad bored with the scenery here, a quick glance across the river will let you know if there is a new sub being built at ELECTRIC BOAT (There wasn't, the hulls are clearly visible when there is.)
See kid, the whole point is to avoid world conflict, in the case that doesn't work we have all this stuff here to protect us.....
I would have preferred... "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it."
Better yet, I hope my ship comes in before my deck rots.......

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  1. Sorry I do not know but I would guess it would have something to do with deadening the recoil when it was fired. But it's just a guess. I would have to see it in relationship with the rest of the cannon.:-/