Monday, September 3, 2012


The Human Poop Factory has reached that "FUN" age.   FINALLY.  I'm not the sort to camp out in the house with the kid, pile toys around him and wait for him to wander off to try to stick his finger in a light socket.  Hence...
After Chocolate Milkshake fortification....
We went to the farm where I buy fresh vegetables and eggs. The chickens are just plain sweet, coo when they have company, and wait patiently at the fence to have a few blades of fresh grass poked through for them to munch on.
Melo was scared to death of them.  Weird huh?  He screamed and screamed, even after Mr. Farmer tried to show him just how sweet and friendly the chickens are.
Notice the poor things lined up in the back ground against the hen house getting ready for the firing squad.... This happened after the kid had screamed so loud it sounded like his foot was being amputated.
Oddly enough, the huge ( to him ) donkeys didn't bother him at all, actually had to keep him from putting his hands through the fence.  His grand-dad lifted him up and over so he could pet them.  And boy are they sweet.  Mrs. Farmer says people ask her all the time why she has them and her reply is "Just to Love them. That's all they want."
Meet  'Dusty'
and 'Peanut'   ( because when he was a baby he was the exact same shade as the shell of a peanut...  :}  )
They are never too far away from each other.
After purchasing fresh veggies - aren't they just gorgeous -
We had quite a lengthy discussion on the tomato blight and the fact that even living at the top of the hill , no matter how dry the weather, none of us on the top of  "BEAN HILL" ever run out of well water due to the positioning of the layers of bedrock.  Mr. Farmer has a geology background :} Then it was off to the dairy farm.
Yes that same dairy farm that is occupied by the rooster that attacked my daughter in her red running suit....  While  re-living the adventure again in the truck on the way over, we parked at the farm, and as we were getting out and walking towards the cows the rooster started his angry noises.  Granddad started to get nervous so I, in all my wisdom said, "Oh don't worry, Julie was wearing red.  They don't like red."      To which he replied, "But, er, the truck is red and he can see it...."     ooops.     "Well then I suggest we keep walking..."

Once again the huge animals didn't scare the kid a bit, and he got quite a kick out of watching them munch away at breakfast.
 This one was particularly interested in the little human.
Although the one with the big black spot was keeping a wary eye on him...
Trying to get a better view over the crowd.   The kid was picked up by his Mom after she got out of work and a good time was had by all, until.......
Word spread there were cows loose in 93 year old Gertrude's yard....  Naturally I had to walk down the road to see, and was shocked to see three young white faces as my mother used to call them.
They are new to the dairy farm we had just visited that morning.  The grandson was already there with two helpers, all armed with buckets of oats, and told me the animals were new, and apparently did not like the other cows so had decided to seek greener pastures.  They were not happy when the three guys tried to start herding them back through the woods.
Turned out to be a great day, with an absolute downpour just before sunset, which Mr. and Mrs. Farmer desperately need.



  1. I can understand. Donkeys and cattle look just plain lovable. It looks like all of you had a grand time.

  2. What a nice farm visit. Melo was smart to be afraid of the chickens; I think they look weird, too. What a fun time, filled with adventures! :-)

  3. @Jerry - phew I was begining to worry about you and your hopefully now absent lump :}

    @DJan - Once in a while babysitting is OK, tomorrow its back to the woods, the ticks seem to have slimmed out. Though everytime I am out there I think of the elevations I am missing with your group :}