Monday, September 27, 2010


This is our back yard...

There is barely room for the four cars that park here. There are three apts, we are on the second floor, which is cool, cause I have a birds eye view of everything.    The post office is a distribution center as well, and the bigger white building on the right, a few feet away from the post office, is the police station.  Which is not a bad thing.

The old Main Street is in the front, and just above, hiding behind the trees, are not only the railroad tracks, but the hosptial.  Lifestar (med helio) lands on the roof and is really cool to watch at night, though a bit disconcerting considering the amount of crash victims they transport.

I sit on the back porch in the morning. It's an eastern exposure and warm during the chilly mornings of September.  The postal workers all come in, get their trucks, and go to the big doors to load up.  They are always in great moods, laughing and cutting jokes, great job, even greater pay, the best benefits. What more could they want?

It's during late afternoon, when they are all returning, that things become disturbing.  They park the trucks, get out grumbling, start swearing ( "This #@*&#  PLACE." --  " I had a @#!*  certified letter , huh."  etc.), slamming doors, arguing with each other.  Actually, um, going POSTAL.  

I'm not understanding what goes on in between.  Most of them never have to get out of their trucks. The others get their daily exercise walking, put mail in boxes or slots, and talk to everyone they run into. 

Something really weird is going on though, as it is the normal routine.

Which is why the close proximity of the police station is probably a good thing....

These are the two old converted brick buildings across the street...

Our landlord owns the one in the distance.

This house is next to the brick buildings.   I've found another one just like it around the corner a ways. It is one room wide, and two rooms long, like a short brownstone. No one lives in either one.

This is our side of the street.

We live in this one.

Best of all, this is the view at the end of the street, at night.

I walked through the private school's parking lot to see the annual parade.

It was four hours long, I lasted two and a half.

Though somehow, even though it's a nice neighborhood, I still miss this view...


  1. You certainly have the area scoped out. I figure you will ultimately get the view you want. In the meantime you seem comfortable and certainly observant.

  2. You are right, it's pretty urban, but very nice nevertheless. And it's nice to be near the police station. I do wonder about those postal workers though. I would think they would be happy to be ready to go home, so I found it curious that they start off happy and end up grumpy! It was always the opposite for me at work.

  3. You have some really interesting architecture in your part of the country. Thanks for sharing those pics.

  4. I'm not understanding those teeny Brownstone-style houses. I really have to pay a visit to the Historical Society.

  5. I like it where you are...Very pretty buildings, and being next to a police station and a hospital must be very comforting. That last photo is enchanting though...I wish I could look out at that view also! xo