Saturday, February 4, 2012


I knew something was wrong when I couldn't write anything worthwhile and only wanted to knit things involving a lot of straight stitch...     So I went for a Sunday  Saturday drive.

While The Son was painstakingly cutting and applying decals  I slipped out.  (He Thanks you Warren for the tip  :})

Little disappointed the I.D. numbers came out so light.

Though there is no snow to speak of, it was far too cold for this guy to come closer for a good photo op...

Hell no I will not come closer, buy a better camera lady......

Hi, it's not too cold for me to check for carrots....

And as long as I was in the area why not take a spin over to...

Crikey I just love tugboats, even if they are just off the sidewalk.

And extremely large anchors....  once belonged to an honest to goodness whaling ship.

While I was moseying around I decided to take a spin through some PRIME REAL ESTATE .

Ah yes, class distinction in the most final sense...

There were gorgeous monuments confirming the love of those left behind...

But despite this area having had an overabundance of stonemasons who immiagrated from Italy in the 1800's, combined with the area's love of the sea and the consequent wealth it brought to the area so long ago, this was the only indication I could find.  A small one at that .

Speaking of a DEATH WISH, which I wasn't but as I said brain has been moosh these days - more than likely frozen - it was the only segway I could come up with for the latest on my reading list.

It's a new release so I only had seven days to read it. I needn't have worried.  It was written by a real, honest to goodness MI6 deep undercover, retired spy.   Under his real name.   Therein lies the death wish, although the book jacket only alludes he lives in England.   (Harumph, my foot he does!) But yah gotta know that when someone like him writes a book there is more truth than fiction goin' on. 

I continue to be mystified by the three completed novels Steig Laarson delivered to his publisher and promptly dropped dead.  Although he was not a spy but a journalist, there are some pretty shaky references to the global financial market.  Yup, I was raised by a Conspiracy Theorist.   But it's just so much fun.

Now I must be excused.   I have more straight stitching,  another new release,

and more wood to keep throwing in this monster as it is unfortunately not an airtight Franklin wood stove....    

Stay warm, six more weeks and SPRING arrives.  Yay.


  1. I wish spring was only six weeks away. Not in this part of the country.

  2. Lot's of interesting stuff in this post! What a great part of the country!