Thursday, February 16, 2012


Nearly done....

Entering a contest for a local hobby shop. The only rule is ' the most unusual ad....'

But will it fly with that thing trailing behind.....

Hmmmm, a little fussy on the inside as well, and yes there will be half-bodied pilots...

Whats wrong with this picture?

Well,  one might have to ask Precious ( )  who took a particular shine to

the wood the propeller is made of.  The side wasn't too bad...

This was the side he got an Evil Eye and a stern word for...

But we can never really get angry with him, especially when we look at him and remember how he started out...

I know, huh    :}


  1. That is why I keep models in a locked room where Montague and Squishy dare not tread. But man do they want to go in there.


  3. What a cutie! Oh well. He didn't know what he was doing... right? :-)

  4. The KID Thanks You for the link and so do I :}

  5. Oh, well. What's balancing a new prop compared to that cuteness. It's a burden we cat servants must bear. That is why the guitars, amps and camera equipment stay in cat proof (locked) areas.

  6. I wish my cat were that ambitious! She just hasn't got any real spunk and she's only six.
    I must say I was fascinated by the doily under the damaged propeller.
    Here's hoping the plane fies and carries its banner!!