Monday, May 10, 2010

More Too Cute To Stand...

I made a mistake.  I realize this is New England, I did not however, expect below freezing temperatures, frost, and 47 mph wind gusts when I permanently opened the windows on the first of April.

We know particular, irrelevant (irrelevant because we can do nothing about them) details concerning the weather because my son has his professional weather station hooked up to this house.  I haven't a clue why it needs to work with phone cords, but that's what it does, and the cords are draped and tacked strategically to the exterior of this house, monitoring every minute change. 

Aside from walking around the house wearing his long underwear, sweats, heavy hiking socks, and winter jacket (hood-up) last night, my son was constantly giving me up-dates on the gusts (45....46....47!   THAT'S gonna be the highest, you watch! - it was -).  I broke down and shut the windows.  Took off my hat...

Got up this morning with the wind slamming against the house with heavy thuds, and decided it would be a good time to go to the laundry to wash 'nursery clothes.'  It was also a really good idea because I went out to warm up the car and tuned the heat on HIGH   (OK, so it wasn't such a good idea to start knitting that beach cover-up instead of the hand-warmers...).

Does that animal on the right look like half cat half camel to you?!

The heat wasn't on in the laundry mat, and no, the jungle motif on the walls did not make it seem warmer in there.  What did make it warmer was my two new friends in this new town, who arrived shortly after I did, Mary and Dan (nearly everyone who has well water goes here rather than have a wardrobe of permanently rust-stained clothes).  I took a picture of them in full winter regalia on May 10.  I said "Smile, you guys," while Dan tried to creep away, and Mary came out looking like a serial killer was after her.  The only way I can explain it, is that my head truly did explode from all the nice compliments I have received via this blog.  I'd rather not think of the alternative, that being when they are forced to look at me they make that face that says, "NO, you are not cutting off my left foot and using it for a limb transplant."

M.R. & D. D.

I had to take all the babies out of the kennel to replace bedding, couldn't resist trying to get some pictures, and boy was it difficult. They kept trying to wander off in different directions.

Ever seen a Black Tiger!?!

Pardon the knees!

Yay, clean,warm  clothes, everyone to the back, must be warmer there.

Ruthless is my middle name.....Countdown to needing homes 6 weeks!

When I came in to turn on the portable bathroom heater (the one that hasn't caught fire), I discovered two short hairs patiently waiting.....
Um, Hullo? This thing working or what?

And now you must excuse me, there has to be a turkey - or something huge - in the freezer.  Something to s-l-o-w-l-y roast; all day, something to heat up the kitchen and one bathroom anyway.
I really need to find some gloves...


  1. awww those gray ones are too cute....

  2. I love cooking simply because it keeps our apartment toasty!

  3. HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY! ALOHA FROM HONG KONG! David always says we prefer air conditioned weather. LOL.

  4. Mahalo, did I spell it right??? Need to tell you, while I was in Hawaii for two weeks, I knew nothing upon arrival, my friend who was born and raised there tried to teach me a greeting but I am not inclined to dialects. I saw Mahalo on all the garbage cans so I thought it meant trash, as in dump in here! Oops. Figured it out when people started saying it to me, smiling...... I am still freezing and your tank tops are getting to me, its 29 here now... HELP? Your necklace is gorgeous! Gatsby is sleeping under the covers with me again, and he' not sick, just cold!
    Hullo? Summer?

    Jerry, your heart is as big as the ocean. And your writing is much better too, but you are too kind.

  5. Yikes I feel for you all. We had similar weather and actually turned on the heater Saturday night--not what I want to be doing in May.