Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks To The Son

We will have flowers.
In the new step gardens he made in the spring.

We may have grapes.
On the bush he found fading last year.

The back garden is marvelous.

My car is finally repaired.

And the only work to do is find homes for these babies.

But after reading a few blogs yesterday, and actually dreaming of gorgeous blue glassware, I found my mind wandering this morning while picking up dead wood in the yard.   Slowly I began to realize a collection is not truly a collection, if one doesn't add to it...   I haven't added to the bird collection in two years...  Its the only thing my son has laid claim to in the event of my death. 

This is the run off from


The cabinet is of course much too crowded.  I really need another to adequately display the bone china hummingbird, perched on an orchid, and the blue jay (my fave).   Well, you simply must excuse me. I need to sign onto my E-Bay account...................   (!)  Seriously.


  1. Dang,I love that step garden...No homes for those kitties? How about pet stores? I got mine from one.. Nowadays they are pretty strict and will only take litters where they are raised ferals.

  2. I heard mewing from our side yard last night, though nothing this morning. Why do cats just love to give birth in our yard? The last time that happened, I had to take 3 kittens to the Humane Society. There are too many strays in our neighborhood. I myself have 2.

  3. I'm thinking too many individuals were not listening to Bob Barker when he reminded them every day to have their pets spayed or neutered... OR those individuals were not left with the responsibility of worrying about finding life homes for little families. Heavy Sigh.

    I am not understanding this mother bringing the newborns to the out-in-the-open mulch pile, unless it was deliberate and she knew it was going to get really cold, which it did.

    I really need to write the story of my mother and her rescue adventure. Drove my father nuts!