Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Realize It's The Month Of July

Abandoned Fountain in a Nearby Town

But must everything blow up, along with the fire-works.

I hooked up my camera to download photos for a post two days ago, and strange things began to happen.   Then the camera shut itself off, and one of those creepy messages from deep inside the mysterious bowels of the computer popped up and said my 'driver' was no longer valid...   huh... 

If my mother had not raised such an avid conspiracy theorist I never would have figured it out.

July was the month when I purchased the little point and shoot camera.  Last July.  Exactly one year to the day I purchased, the darn thing it had been programmed to blow itself up.  I know this because when I went to the NIKON site which informed me I need to download the new driver, it also informed me said new driver would cost me 29.95.  U.S.Dollars.  Just to be able to download directly from the camera...

I'm sort of weary of being held hostage by tech-terrorism designed to pry money out of my tight little fists. So until I figure out which slot in the computer to put the camera's memory card in, and how to download it to the same photo program I have, I leave you with some oldies, but goodies.



At the Graveyard Across the Road


  1. I notice that computer component suppliers are offering free "limited" support, but to get longer you have to PAY! Everyone is out for a buck nowadays, I guess we had better get used to it.

  2. Are you serious? What a scam! I would be so upset :(

  3. That is very odd...If it worked yesterday, it should work today.... same camera, same conputer.

    The photos you did manage to post are very good!

  4. Note: After a short but sweet call to NIKON they informed me the 'driver' in the camera is only good for a year, at which point an updated 'driver' must be downloaded from the site.....yuh. Well, that teeny little card with a huge memory I bought for it will fit into one of the SIM slots on my desktop. I simply have to engage the brain in order to put the pics in the correct files. This takes time as I have allowed the technical wrinkles in the grey matter to atrophy since I retired . * sigh *

  5. I have never heard of such a thing. And those pictures are so lovely, I encourage you to do whatever you have to in order to keep them coming.

  6. I have to agree w/DJan... if that were the case Nikon would have a lot of unhappy folk... I would google the problem.



  8. Sorry about the technology frustration. We have those things happen with cars it seems.

    Love the Venezuela photo.

  9. I just bought a new camera, a Canon, hope that doesn't happen to me - you should be able to get more than a year out of the driver:(

  10. Planned obsolescence? I never know when computer folk are lying to me, and it has probably cost me much too much.

  11. Kalei ; Trying the site this afternoon, hopefully what I need is there Thank You in Advance!

    OTG JERRY, You're BACK! I missed you. How was your heavenly trip?!

  12. testing. i have had trouble leaving comments on blogspot blogs this past week. let's see if this one works.