Friday, July 23, 2010


Because I am under the impression the rest of the world is as insanely curious as I...

 Chief Babistinas

A Portion of the Control Panels on the Lightship

Who Ever Said It Was ALL Work?!?

One Of My All-Time Favorites, Lovin' The Divers Feet...

And Just Because...

Portion of the Deck of STONEHORSE

My Dad Loved Ships.

One of the Reasons My Dad made Friends With So Many Pilots....

Dad's First Land-Cruiser.

I've never been quite sure whether its some sort of strange time warp-continuum, or just the fact that there may be a lot more undiagnosed dyslectics out there than we think, but way before my sister's date of death was stated wrong in four newspapers, so was my father's date of birth stated wrong in the article above.  Officially my Dad was born in 1920!


  1. Wow! That was a fantastic story.
    I love these kind of posts. That is some interesting family history you have.

  2. I was getting ready to write a comment, but I frankly couldn't think what I wanted to say, so this is my lame attempt at saying I found this post interesting, and I am still not sure why.

  3. Very cool! I WAS sort of wondering how you got that name! Part of my email address is "snotfrog"...people are always wondering about that too! ;) Great post! I'd never heard of a lightship before...are you Judith or was that you sister? Have a fun weekend! Paulette

  4. That is sooooo cool. LOVE the photographs. We have a retired lightship you can tour in Astoria Oregon. It used to be off the mouth of the Columbia river. I remember touring the ship and how small it seemed. I can't imagine what duty was like on one of those vessels.

    I'm going to have to dig out some of my old photos as well.

  5. Robert, what is way more cool is the fact there is still one left that one can actually stand on! Thank you so much for telling me, it's going on my list of week-end 'metro' vacations! There are so many things that are not advertised and only local people are aware of, I saw your suggestion on Jerry's blog about UTAH, have you been everywhere?!?! Cause next time I am going somewhere I am going to let you know first!

    And do dig out your old photos, I love other's, along with the history more than my own!



  6. And no, I don't want to scare everyone, there are not TWO of me, what a nightmare THAT would be!

  7. Oh gosh...The comment you just left me, had me rolling on the floor!

    Don't feel matter how I try, I could never write like you, not even in my wildest dreams. It takes me ages to do a silly post, and usually there are mistakes.

    Thanks for a great laugh!

    Have a fun rest of the day!

    Paulette ;D

  8. testing. my previous post did not go thru.

  9. Joni, I am glad you got your blog fixed so I can comment.

    The photos above are very old, but they are interesting slices of history. Hate to say this, but I don't like sailing. I get so nauseous even when the boat moves 1 inch.