Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Population reduction...

Grandma Is Finally Doing Well

Sweet Pea & Lucy  In Their New Home

This One's New Mom Is A Teacher
Going Home Next Week.

The trick this week is to trap Dead-Beat-Dad and the Hussy that escaped. Dead-Beat-Dad has an appointment on the 26th to have his reproductive facilities halted, as long as I can entice him into the Have-A-Heart cage.   I have failed once already.  With normal cat food.  I am thinking medium rare filet...


  1. Yes, DBD does need to be sent to the doctor's for a snip. He has made some pretty gorgeous offspring, though, you do have to admit. I look forward to hearing how it goes. Thanks for the thoughtful comment you left on the Eye, it made me cry. (Boy, I seem to be just one breath away from that all the time these days.)

  2. so those gray cuties got a home? good...

  3. DJan - It's not easy being just on the edge, I'm the same way, welling up over things I have no control over that are too heartbreaking not to honor.

    Kalei - Nope, the leopard, his brother Murrey, and the Runt are still homeless, along with the two cross-eyed inbreeds that the teenager created when he snuck into the next room instead of going 'out' and got his mother, Grandma's daughter... sigh. My fault entirely, since he was four inches long he has been wild, never to be a pet, and I couldn't get close enough to figure out what he was. He'll have to be a mouser with his mom who also refuses to believe cats are simply here to be adored and fawned over by their human pets!

  4. I totally admire you for taking the time to try and reduce the cat population. My family is very involved with a pet resuce organization. Of course that means we have three of them. Oh yeah, I'm allergic...