Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Paulette...

At the risk of embarrassing myself worldwide, in sheer awe of your gorgeous little creations, this is pour vous.

Sad, I know, which is why, when I look at your work, I search my brain for the place that loves your things, trying to find even one small wrinkle filled with an ability to create beautiful things, but it's like looking in the dictionary under incredible creations and finding this...  . 

Precious and Edgar were entranced by your Christmas music yesterday, and although Edgar chose to gaze out the window and dream while listening, Precious insisted on staring at your page.   I suspect he is choosing my present. 

Ignore the 'planitarium' curtains. The farm kittens loved them...

Later Precious needed a snack -  busy morning -   so he went to the kitchen garbage snack basket and tried to race under my son's bed with his acquisition...

Step Away From The Bed And No One Gets Hurt.

To my credit, I am capable of making certain things with sticks and string...

It may take me absolutely forever a while, but I manage simple things.  When I give these things away I always advise the recipient that in cases of extreme boredom -  such as doctors appointments -  while wearing, they can amuse themselves by searching for mistakes, sort of like the 'Whats Wrong With This Picture' game in the Sunday funnies.

And soooo, today I salute you and your brain, with it's inherent creative genius.


  1. Hey, its about the effort and love put into it that matters!.

  2. It's much better than I any attempt I could offer. I hope Precious has chosen something nice for you although I suspect a sewn felt mouse would be the ideal present.

  3. Most impressed. I have a crochet basket next to my easy chair by the fire. It contains the carcass of a project I started and haven't touched in two years. Why don't I get rid of the homey little basket next to the chair? If the Queen ever drops in, she'll think I'm sweetly domesticated.

  4. I gave up when I dropped stitches so often that all my squares ended up triangles. How do you people manage?

  5. Nance - Speaking of the Queen (who always has her purse...) have you recieved your Save-The-Date to the next Royal Wedding?! I think mine must be lost in the mail....

    I tried so hard to learn how to crochet, the last effort resulted in a tube that continued to get smaller, I thought about calling Stephen Hawking.... I'll be using that yarn to make a hat. *sigh*

    MB - Free Style - without the skis. I gave up on patterns and just make it up as I go along, when I discover I have dropped a stitches eight rows back, I drag it back up to the needles and call it a unique design feature...

  6. OMG...Joni, you are just something else! What a lovely surprise!!! ... I LOVE your adorable flower pin, and you did a really beautiful job too! Your design is so pretty and so are the colors you chose. Great stitching too! That would give any outfit a happy boost!...and, your knitting is amazing! knitting is something that sends me into sheer fits. I'm all thumbs with a needle in each hand. I actually have to put one needle down to yarn you can imagine how long anything takes me to get done. I just can't master the fluidity of it. Crochet I can handle, because like sewing, it's just one hand doing all the real work....Your sweater is coming out beautifully. I love that fancy cable design and the color. She's going to just love this...and I'm sure even if she took your advice and decided to search for mistakes (you're such a hoot!) she's fine none! It's perfect!!!...I'm so happy Edgar and Precious like my music. What a pair of cuties, they are. I just loved this post. You're so sweet. Thank you!!! Sending a big hug. xo Paulette