Sunday, May 15, 2011


I really need to know this.

Why do you always replace the toilet paper roll with the end coming UP over the top?????


  1. It's not just men! I insist that it be put on that way, and I think I trained my hubby to do it the right way, finally. Over the top.

  2. Har! One of life's great mysteries...

    THough I don't think that it's a gender issue. I have know women to feed the paper that way as well. I feed it over the top as you describe. I read once, in an advice column line 'Dear Abby' or something like that, that folks shouldn't have to fish around under the roll looking for the loose should be visible over the top.

    So, I'm just following the advice of the experts (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it...)

  3. gf, does it matter? I only care that THERE is toilet paper!. LOL

  4. "StoneHouse" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

    P.S.: In response to your question about always having the end come over the top, it is because of it being the way MY WIFE TELLS ME TO DO IT!

  5. Chrissie is right, the fact that the TP is THERE at all is a major factor!

    Alan, you are not updating your blog as instructed..... ;{

    DJAN did you work in a mostly male environment during your career ?!! Even though I did, it was ALWAYS just 'the girls' making sure there was a roll THERE! Somehow the cops never complained, that may be an indication of why FishHawk installs it the way he does :}

    Speaking of FishHawk Thank You for the shout out, I'm always amazed to see how many people are actually reading my blog when I look at the STATS feature Jerry pointed out ages ago. You Go Google Translate!

    ALan you never cease to amuse me which is a good thing lately.

    Havre I mentioned lately I am still warring with the old lady's ins. company to FIX MY CAR... sorry about raising my voice.. it's getting on my nerves.... ;{

    Robert, Thank You for the video, I NEEDED that!

    Jerry & MurrMurr, you are, along with the others, keeping me sane, though with having to WALK EVERYWHERE - sorry, there I go again...- I havn't had time to post comments....

    LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL - I am lurking around reading despite not finding time nor mental where-with-all to comment. One has to be in a different frame of mind to fight City Hall so to speak. Thank You all for continuing to amuse and interest me with your adventures and stories.


  6. I had no idea that the orientation of the toilet paper dispensation was a gender issue.