Sunday, May 22, 2011


Due to the many e-mails and msgs I have received regarding little Helen and her sister Runner (don't ask), my son took a few pictures for me with his phone, then - through his vast knowledge of all things technical -  somehow put the pictures on his  computer, enabling me to post a new picture of Helen.
She is on her last four days of steroids, has had no further problems and we are hoping beyond all hope that she will maintain her state of general well-being.  Her only stumbling block appears to be psychological.  Though her moments of insecurity appear to be diminishing over time, since her illness she will have little anxiety attacks, and trot like a little Tennessee Walker into the cat-carrier she went to the vet. in, enjoy a long nap in her 'safe-house,' before joining the general population.

Aw, come on BOB?, Helen needs her 15 minutes of FAME alone....
She has brought all her favorite things to her house and leaves them there.

Um, Precious, that goes for you as well....

Well that was tougher than we expected.

Precious refuses to be left out of the limelight...

Edgar escapes the fray, observing all from on high....

We remain your faithful cat-house.


  1. Can u blame Precious? lol.. Even tho Helen is getting better, it still breaks my heart to see her like this... She must be confused as to why she is like this? If she was mine, I'd be watching her like a hawk, I don't think I could sleep.

  2. Isn't Precious a hoot! BOB? can't keep his noe out of ANYTHING! I am worried silly Chrissie. I have to be gone for four days, my dear friends have set up a Bucket Brigade of vehicles to get me to my oncologist's appointment, The Son works all day... I actually called the vet and asked if I could take her off the meds three days early so that if she does have any complications I can deal with it. Yuh, I'm a Worrier from WAY back, I'm blaming it on my Mother, the original carrier.... ;}

  3. I am so glad Helen is doing better. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lurk all you want!

  4. Glad to hear Helen is better as well.

    I can relate to Edgar--observe from a safe place.

  5. Slam - Ah, the ole' stake out ! Did you see the pics of two of our dogs I managed into a post just pour vous!

  6. Yes, that is ME posting on MY VERY OWN blog anonymously.... somehow I can't sign in sigh. See all you guys on the other side of Providence.