Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The Daughter had come over with plans for a shopping trip.   This is what  I saw.  'Bout a million of them.

Scattered everywhere throughout the interior of the car.  Reminded me of the scene in Grumpy Old Men with the rotten fish in the truck trick.   "What are all these for?"   "Oh, yah know,' she begins, " I think I have a dead mouse under the hood because I have been smelling an awful dead mouse smell every time I turn on the heat.  I just have to get under there and search one of these days."   Um, OK, off we went.  
We stopped at the grocery store first.  "I'll wait in the car," she says.  "OK, I'll be right out."   I exited the store about fifteen minutes later to the tune of whining wailing emergency sirens and thanked my lucky stars we were parked and in a parking lot.  We just love the non-paid volunteers but God help anyone on the skinny roads when they come plowing through to get to a fire or accident...


This is what I saw when I got to the car.

All I could think of to say was, "Julie, did you call the fire department?"
"Um,  yuh." she began, as I noticed her hair was beginning to stand on end and floof out as it usually does when she is feeling a bit harried.
They must have been in a hurry and left the doors open.

"I thought since I had a few minutes I would look under the hood to see if I could easily see the dead mouse 'cause the smell was worse than it usually is." she continued.  "But when I opened the hood the battery was on fire."  

Good thing Mom was there with the charge card as after the fire department removed the battery, we had to call for this truck.

The Culprit.

The Newby.


She had a rough day....

And the moral of the story is.....  If you smell a dead mouse, look for a burning battery. 



  1. I'm not having a good day either!. I feel your daughter's pain....

  2. She's lucky the engine compartment didn't totally burst into flames.

  3. I guess it is lucky that the whole engine didn't catch. Wow, I would never have thought of a bad battery. I will definitely remember this warning.

  4. Maybe next time she'll try and figure out where the smell really is coming from. She was lucky. Aaahh, life's lessons. Glad it didn't turn out worse.