Monday, March 26, 2012


We went to this one. Clearly the kid and I have way too much time on our hands...

Three houses, fully involved.  By the time we got there the first two were nothing but charred beams and a porch on the verge of crashing onto the sidewalk, with the third in the rear still blazing.

OK, I'll admit to it, it was sort of hilarious when whomever was on the tower in the back aimed the hose wrong and it sort of blasted the guys in the bucket on the right.

Quite a turnout for 2 AM.

Keeping in mind the flames are from the third house to the rear...  eek.

A successful atttempt at keeping a fourth from falling victim.

Apparently we were not the only kooks attending.  This one got out of bed and did not forget her kitty hat...

Thank You to firefighters who are not afraid of heights.

That rickety at best porch just kept clinging no matter how many gallons of water smashed into it.
It would appear my phone takes better photos at night than the camera.  Life is just not fair...

Um, Hullo, someone gonna need these for their Scott Pack.....

Photo Credit --  UNK -- feel free to come forward as this picture is so much better than mine!



And just because....
A window and a street sign I pass by everytime I go downtown to the grocery store ...     :}



  1. Wow! That was some fire. I would have been out there snapping pictures, too. Glad nobody was hurt.

  2. Great shots and good to hear no one was injured. Quite a show I bet.

  3. Wlcome back Slam, Is your blog back up?? Gulty as charged for not checkin :}

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