Sunday, March 18, 2012


As the moon rose slowly ...

So would I sink...

Into the drunkin' Irish roots from which I came.

Not so inebriated I would fail to notice an extremely old man in green suspenders, green golfing hat and green socks taking a picture of a willing waitress decked out in plastic St. Patrick's Day necklaces . Apparently the whole St. Patricks Day Legend is entirely false, though St. Patrick himself was not a figment, but hey, by the time the legend was born the Irish really needed a reason to drink, which in no way accounts for my intolerance.  I had two green drinks and needed a guide dog to get out of the place.  Jeese, thought it was in the DNA.


  1. Everyone was wearing green here, and I was amazed at how many people actually had green raincoats, because that's what we needed. I didn't indulge but decided to stay off the roads all day... :-)

  2. The Son looked up the state stats this morning, not too many DUI's, this is a good thing! As for everyone wearing green (except me) don't they say Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day :}

  3. I'm supposedly of Irish heritage. I never have understood St. Patrick's day, never understood what to celebrate or why. Valentines Day make a hellva lot more sense to me.

  4. Yeah, I'm a cheap date, too.