Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The weather took a turn back on the dial to ABSOLUTE COLD, and what is better than to be surrounded by good reading next to the fireplace, so off the daughter and I headed to the BOOK BARN  ( http://www.bookbarnniantic.com/ ) .  Course the visit wouldn't be complete without a spin around all the out-buildings, and saying "hey" to one of the rescue goats.

We are seriously addicted to Chai Tea (with cream) so a trip to Mystic Village before heading home was on the agenda.   We stood patiently in line at the little store that sells specialty coffees from all sorts of exotic places.   We were patient because the elderly gent in front of us was asking where each coffee was grown and had to smell a sample of each, before he ended up walking out sans fresh coffee beans. 

Chai Tea in hand we headed back out the winding walkway toward the car, when we were overtaken by a miniature person in pink.  She was about two feet tall, maybe three years old with a pink parka, pink dress, pink tights, and pink hat.  My daughter looked at her Chai Tea cup and was mumbling something about pink elephants when the little girl stopped short in front of us turned, saw her parents closing in fast and took off again ( that is one child that will need some serious monster-movie-therapy  before her brain turns pink). In the meantime my daughter found the bear, sitting alone begging for someone to sit and take his picture, so of course the kid (my ADULT kid...) runs over to pose.  Just as I was taking her picture the young couple walked behind me with their pink child.   The young mother said, "Oh gosh I hope our little girl is as much fun as you guys when she gets older, your sister is too funny."       ahem, yuh.     They were clear to the parking lot after my turn with the bear before my daughter had finished mulling over what the young mother had said.  I had taken it as a compliment, thinking, "Hey, do I really look young enough to be my kid's sister?"

My daughter was highly insulted thinking, "Oh cripe, do I really look old enough to be her sister?"

Which led me to some serious thoughts on perception. Was it my age that made me think of this quote?  “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”     Oscar Wilde

While I had to wait until I got home to look up a compairable quote to describe my daughters veiw of the incident. 

“Life is 10 percent what you make it
and 90 percent how you take it.”
― Irving Berlin



  1. Good story! Adorable pictures of you and your sister... :-)

  2. I think I need a "Ye Olde Poop Scooping Station" here as well. Fun photos.